We designed and built our facility in 1997 specifically for the production of precision machined items.

Employee accommodations:
Ample free parking
Lunch room/locker room facilities
Comfortable climate
Smoke/Oil mist controls

Machinery considerations:
Ample floor space between machines and a logical machinery layout

Overhead cranes
Drive in and dock height truck facilities
Room for building expansion beyond the addition constructed in 2002

We upgraded the lighting in our building in 2009/2010 to high-efficiency fluorescent fixtures. This improvement pays for itself in reduced energy consumption alone.  It also yields other benefits such as an improved work place environment for our employees and potentially enhanced product quality.

The Facility

Prion Manufacturing Company
One Prion Drive
Oakdale, PA 15071-3645
Tel: 724-693-0200
Fax: 724-693-8686


Proud Member of the Precision Machined Products Association