Machine Maintenance Mechanic/Technician

We are seeking a machine maintenance mechanic/technician.  This position will have multiple responsibilities, including, but not limited to, the following:

Diagnose, repair, and maintain machine shop equipment, including gear boxes, air compressors, and pumps.

Replace parts, including, but not limited to, shafts, bearings, linear bearings, bushings, clutches, and gears.

Troubleshoot PLC issues.

Diagnose and repair CNC servo drives and controllers.

Required knowledge, skills, and abilities for the successful candidate include:

Considerable knowledge regarding maintaining and repairing machine shop tools and equipment.

Previous experience with rebuilding gear boxes and replacing servo drives, addressing PLC problems, and CNC repair.

Ability to work from electrical schematics and machine diagrams.

Pay is commensurate with experience.

Please send resume and cover letter to

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